Articles by Clive Ince

Paradise paper chase: when is a leak a crime?

Over 13 million files, many of them containing confidential and sensitive client information, were leaked from offshore legal service providers and corporate registries in 19 jurisdictions including the Caribbean, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. More than half of the documents came from law firm Appleby. As a result, sometimes complex financial structures used by […]

Claims against UK soldiers: a balance to be struck

Recently there has been widespread media coverage concerning claims made against UK soldiers arising from military conflicts abroad. The years since the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen a huge number of claims brought under European human rights laws, with allegations ranging from moderate ill-treatment to torture and murder. However, the Iraq Historic Allegations […]

Hillsborough and The Cover Up: Can Our Legal System Regain Public Confidence?

In the last few weeks we have had to confront the inadequacies not only of the police and emergency services’ response to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, but also that of the legal system which has taken over two decades to investigate the tragedy to anything approaching an acceptable standard.