Articles by Dagmara Selwyn-Kuczera

Japanese knotweed – a growing nuisance

Viewed as an attractive ornamental garden plant when initially introduced to the UK in Victorian times, Japanese knotweed is now regarded as something much more sinister. Unusually aggressive, highly invasive, capable of regenerating from the smallest piece of rhizome, difficult and expensive to eradicate … It’s destructive nature (being capable of penetrating tarmac, building foundations […]

Residential Stamp Duty Land Tax increases

In the Autumn Statement the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that higher rates of stamp duty land tax (SDLT) would be introduced for purchases of “additional residential properties”. The measure is intended to re-focus the housing sector towards low-cost home ownership for first-time buyers. For purchases after 1 April 2016 an additional rate of 3% […]

Potential Pitfalls of Digging Deep

Subterranean excavations may be an increasingly popular method of extending a property, but such developments also carry potential pitfalls. Planning controls do not usually apply to a development that does not affect the external appearance of a property, but means of redress still exist for neighbours who are adversely affected by basement excavation works, whether […]

Extension of Permitted Development Rights

At the end of last month the Government announced a number of changes to permitted development rights, including allowing the change of use from offices (Class B1(a)) to residential (Class C3) without the need for planning permission. The intention of the new scheme is to make best use of existing developed sites and facilitate speedier conversion of redundant office space into desirable residential accommodation.