Articles by Martin Emmison

The $175k Missed Shift

Sports car racing driving David Piper recently won an important case in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The high court awarded damages and legal costs likely to be around $175,000 against automotive journalist and racer Mark Hales, who was stunned and angered with the judgement.

Straight Torque: Why do you need a lawyer to buy a collector car?

Martin Emmison of Goodman Derrick LLP explains why….

Dual-Identity Cars

In a perfect world, every historic car would boast a spotless provenance and a documented list of distinguished owners, none of whom ever “abused” the car by changing a major component, let alone by crashing it.

How to Buy a Car in Europe

There’s no uniform code of ownership within the EEC, but each country has documents that wil protect you in your transaction

The New Papers You Need to Race in Europe

I have already seen an excellent replica Ferrari sports racing car be refused paperwork for having the wrong gearbox

A Doppelganger Discredited

With any collectible there is always an issue of authenticity, whether art, antiques, baseball cards or automobiles. In the collector car world, relatively minor disputes over correct engine numbers and the use of NOS versus reproductive parts are common