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The Audiovisual Media Services Directive – a “potential loophole” exposed by a recent decision of the European Court of Justice (Peugeot Deutschland GmbH v Deutsche Umwelthilfe sV Case C-132/17)

In the recent case of Peugeot Deutschland GmbH v Deutsche Umwelthilfe, the European Court of Justice gave a preliminary ruling concerning the interpretation and scope of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (2010/13/EU) (“the Directive”). This decision exposes a potentially significant loophole in the Directive, namely the exclusion of self-promotional channels on You-Tube: they are neither […]

GDPR: Direct Marketing update

An area of some confusion among clients, now bracing themselves for the arrival of the GDPR, is on what basis they can continue to market themselves to customers: is fresh consent required, or what are the alternatives?  With the 25th of May fast approaching, this short article explains that the new restrictive form of consent […]

Classic Car Race Preparers/Restorers: Know your Client!

A new customer steps into your workshop and asks you to carry out some work to their classic car. Nothing strange or newsworthy about that, but what happens if you later discover that your customer is not in fact the owner? With an increase in the value of classic cars, complex ownership arrangements are increasingly common. […]

Steering clear of trouble – tips to avoid problems with your classic car restoration or race preparation

If you are thinking of having your classic car restored or race prepared etc, then this guide will help identify common problems and provide suggested solutions. 1. Understand who you are contracting with There is a flourishing support industry for owners of classic cars in this country and a wide choice of restorers and race-preparers […]

Dealing with non-paying customers

You stand back and admire your craftsmanship and attention to detail. The rebuild/repair/race preparation etc you have just finished is finally ready to be presented to your customer along with your bill. You have worked hard to get the project finished and you know that he will appreciate all your effort. You promptly send your […]

Collector Car funds: is this the next market?

Those who follow financial markets are familiar with the specialized investment funds that concentrate exclusively in collectible assets, such as art and fine wine. A new development for 2011 is specialized funds that will invest solely or primarily in those assets closest to our hearts—collector cars. This past winter, plans for two such funds were […]

How to deal with car workshop space invaders

If you are you running out of space in your workshop because you are storing too much of your customers’ unwanted property, read on to find out what you can do to solve the problem! After a successful restoration or rebuild a customer might well ask you to hang on to some of the old […]

The $175k Missed Shift

Sports car racing driving David Piper recently won an important case in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The high court awarded damages and legal costs likely to be around $175,000 against automotive journalist and racer Mark Hales, who was stunned and angered with the judgement.

Straight Torque: Why do you need a lawyer to buy a collector car?

Martin Emmison of Goodman Derrick LLP explains why….

Buying at Auction: A Practical Guide

If you have ever toyed with the idea of buying a classic car at auction, but been put off by the possible risks, our short guide offers hints and tips on practical steps which you can take to reduce the risks and make the occasion a little less stressful.

Dual-Identity Cars

In a perfect world, every historic car would boast a spotless provenance and a documented list of distinguished owners, none of whom ever “abused” the car by changing a major component, let alone by crashing it.

How to Buy a Car in Europe

There’s no uniform code of ownership within the EEC, but each country has documents that wil protect you in your transaction

The New Papers You Need to Race in Europe

I have already seen an excellent replica Ferrari sports racing car be refused paperwork for having the wrong gearbox

A Doppelganger Discredited

With any collectible there is always an issue of authenticity, whether art, antiques, baseball cards or automobiles. In the collector car world, relatively minor disputes over correct engine numbers and the use of NOS versus reproductive parts are common