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GDPR: Direct Marketing update

An area of some confusion among clients, now bracing themselves for the arrival of the GDPR, is on what basis they can continue to market themselves to customers: is fresh consent required, or what are the alternatives?  With the 25th of May fast approaching, this short article explains that the new restrictive form of consent […]

Employment status

Given the recent high profile cases involving Uber, CitySprint and the like, the true employment status of purportedly “self-employed” individuals has come under the spotlight. So what is genuine self-employment and what is a worker or an employee? And why does it matter? What are the categories of employment status? There are three categories of […]

Start-Up Guide to Securing Finance

Please click here to download our guide to securing finance: A start ups guide to securing finance Our guide covers: 1.  Securing funding 2.  EIS/SEIS 3.  Regulation and compliance 4.  Getting the business ready for investment 5.  Further information 6.  Useful terminology

Start-Up Guide to Cookies

Businesses are required to obtain positive consent from visitors to their websites to store or retrieve usage information from users’ computers or mobile devices using cookies. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files implanted by a website on the hard disks of visitors to the site. Businesses use cookies for collecting information about those […]

Start-Up Guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Many employees now own personal mobile devices that can be used for business purposes. Businesses are receiving an increasing number of requests to allow employees to use these devices at work. BYOD benefits BYOD can bring a number of benefits to businesses, including: Increased flexibility and efficiency in working practices. Improved employee morale and job […]

Start-Up Guide to Break Clauses in Commercial Leases

What is a break clause? A break clause is often included in a lease, allowing either the tenant or landlord to terminate the lease early. Exercising a break clause brings the lease to an end. However, where the landlord breaks the lease, legislation is in place that may allow the tenant to remain in the […]

Start-Up Guide to Incorporating a Private Limited Company

What type of company can be incorporated? A new business can be set up as a company or an existing business can be incorporated as a company. The latter is often the case when a business has reached the stage where the increased administrative burden of company law requirements is offset by the benefits that […]

Start-Up Guide to Dismissing an Employee

Dismissing an employee for a reason other than one allowed by law, or without following the correct procedure or giving adequate notice, may lead to a claim for unfair or wrongful dismissal. Compensation for a successful claim can potentially be substantial. Regardless of whether a claim succeeds, the costs of defending it, in terms of […]

Start-Up Guide to Managing Poor Performance

Businesses should follow good management practices to help avoid potential claims relating to a dismissal: Make sure that any employee-related policies and procedures the business has are always followed (for example, an equal opportunities policy). Address any issues with employees as soon as they emerge. Generally an employer’s position deteriorates the longer the delay. Think […]

Start-Up Guide to Data Protection

Protecting and securing personal data Personal data is any information about an individual held on computer or in organised filing systems that could identify the individual, either on its own or together with other information held by that business or a third party. Personal data needs to be protected and kept secure. This data may […]

Start-Up Guide to Contract Negotiations

Who is the other party? What is the reputation of the other party? Have you done business together before? Consider doing a credit check if the other party is unknown to you. Is the other party is based overseas? Consider taking legal advice to ensure that your business is adequately protected if things go wrong. […]

Start-Up Guide to Hiring an Employee

Before advertising Make sure all staff involved in the recruitment process have had equal opportunities training. Draw-up the following documents:  a job description which sets out the title and main purpose of the job, the place of the job holder within the business and the main tasks or responsibilities of the post. a person specification […]

Start-Up Guide to Handling a Dispute

Do you really want to be involved in legal proceedings? Litigation is time consuming, expensive and often protracted. It is also an inherently uncertain process and the outcome will depend on a large number of factors many of which will be outside of your control. It is almost always better to find a commercial solution […]

Start-Up Guide to Trading Disclosures

Introduction The aim of trading disclosure legislation is to ensure that anyone who has dealings with you and your company knows its legal identity, its status and where they can inspect the company records. The law requires that certain details are: –      Displayed at specified locations. –      Set out on documents and communications. –      Given […]

Start-Up Guide to Brand Management

A strong brand helps distinguish products from your competitors’. It adds value to the business by enhancing consumer awareness and improving customer loyalty. A brand can be made up of many elements…