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The Music Plays On – Extended Copyright Protection for Performers

The Intellectual Property Office has published its analysis of responses to the draft amendments to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 extending copyright protection for performers and in sound recordings.

Data Protection: A Computer Never Forgets!

The EU is currently negotiating a new Regulation to cover data protection and the introduction of a right to be forgotten. For more detail on the impact and Britain’s response please read on.

Press Regulation and Exemplary Damages

On 17 March, the three main political parties struck an eleventh hour deal on a new regulatory regime for the press. The agreement, made in the wake of the Leveson Report, will establish a regulator with new powers. We outline exactly what has been agreed and how this will affect news publishers. Then we consider one of the more controversial aspects of the deal concerning exemplary damages, and the likelihood of success of a press challenge based on Human Rights legislation.

Hargreaves: Changes to Protection of Copyright Protected Works

On 20 December 2012 the Government published its final response to the Copyright Consultation following the recommendations made in the Hargreaves Review. What changes can we expect and what has been the reaction to the proposals?